You think you might be interested in hiring me, but want to know more?

I am a freelance web site designer, based in Oklahoma with over a dozen years of successfully listening, creating and developing digital solutions for a wide variety of clients, large and small.  Some of them are local, many of them are based out of state and I am proud to say that I have maintained several of my valued clients for over ten years.

I’m part of a sports addicted family consisting of two hilarious teenage daughters and a wonderful husband.  In order to remain flexible for whatever the next day should offer, I balance my family and work life with my laptop, iPad, iPhone and a couple of Diet Cokes…. whenever and wherever.

So how did I end up in small business web design?

Building websites and running social media campaigns has turned out to be a passion of mine, one I stumbled upon after playing the role of a software product manager in a previous life.  I have degrees in Management Information Systems, Marketing and Accounting from Oklahoma State University.  (The accounting was by accident.  I hate numbers.)

Over the years, I have used a variety of tools at my disposal and the latest & greatest software to play (cough, cough), I mean work.  I now focus solely on WordPress and am comfortable with a variety of great frameworks.  Why WordPress?  Because, simply, it’s the best.  WordPress is a robust content management system (CMS) used by companies like Ford, Sony and eBay.  It allows companies and individuals to take full control of their content and update their web site as easily as updating a word document.  How do you beat that?

I have partnered with large corporations, small start-ups and personal bloggers from coast-to-coast to develop award winning web site solutions. I have created Internet marketing plans for a variety of industries including Automotive, Veterinary Medicine, Education, Internet Services, Oil and Gas, HR Benefits, Insurance, Real Estate, Professional Sports and Corporate Planning and Entertainment.

Every client’s web needs and desires are very unique.  A properly designed web solution provides information about you, your company and services/products offered in a simple way that is unforgettable.  It provides an introduction, a reason to consider and ultimately a conclusion that you are just what they have been searching for.

My obligatory Oooohs and Aaaaaahs

202 South has been featured in Veterinary Economics Magazine as a key component of a Practice of the Year. Really…? You missed that article because your subscription ran out?

I was on hand to accept the prestigious Red Bud Award in Oklahoma.  The Red Bud is awarded to new web sites that create a positive impact for Oklahoma Tourism.  Chosen as the best in a category that had more than 70 entries was kind of cool!

I was also honored, and frankly kind of surprised, when Microsoft knocked on my door one day (figuratively speaking – no Bill Gates didn’t stop by for coffee) and requested permission to feature one of my projects for a case study on featuring successful web sites utilizing its products.  Heard of them?

So, in a nutshell, 202 South is a well-respected and recognized design firm that specializes in small business web design. I have experience in large, medium and small projects that each receives unique and custom solutions to their individual needs.  I pride myself on being responsive, affordable and fun!

Contact me today to develop your corner of the web!